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Inside the System: Connector Fix on Shield Handles

Creating and managing a build system is challenging. What makes it tougher when you are working in 3d your the ability to constantly tweak the items for better function (or to just plain fix something that was bad design).


Last night, I spent hours trying to reconcile the handles of the various shields I had built already and the few that are on the way. Long story short, my last attempt at optimization for the handles (less material = less cost) produced more problems than it solved. I’ve been working on a small buckler shield that is available in the new Viking Raider accessory kit (shown) and took a huge bite out of the material cost, but also its functional value. Basically, until last nite, the ‘updated’ shield handle parts were somehow off when printed in polished colors.


Long story short, the parts are fixed in all the models, now, but I am turning some of the ability to purchase them until I get the new proto parts back in 10 days-ish.

Some of you may have faulty parts. These can be fixed with either with a bit of glue for a permanent solution or you can use glue to create compliance by putting a couple very small drops on the sides of the cylinder and letting them dry. This should help fill the difference between the shaft and the peg hole.

I haven’t tested it in other polished materials, but it was fine in regular WSF that I have set as the default purchase material. I noticed a couple of purchases in the last 10 days since the great Wired article. If any of you catch this and have some problems, I have modified the original Hex-shaped parts for the Patriot shield and those are available in the the Handle update set.

**If you have bought a shield and want a cheaper replacement, let me know the next time you make a purchase and I can add the shield parts to whichever item matches your material and/or color. This will add a bit of cost to your model, but will be cheaper than buying the handle update set.

Like the weather, I think these things will happen periodically, so my goal is to figure out how to reduce the chaos. Feel free to Ping me with thoughts, solutions and/or lambastings, if you think its deserved. 🙂 We’ll keep trying to make a great build system.


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