Figure Modifier Kit Parts

Peek at the ModiBot Part Matrix

A peek at the in-process, ModiBot part matrix

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to dig through all those crazy parts on in the BotShop and figure out what the heck you might want to build. Completely impossible….

For the last week or so, we’ve been compiling all the parts into a sort of catalog so people can see them, understand what they do and decide if they might like to get them. I’ve built more than 400 parts and many haven’t even been introduced into the shop (you can see several unreleased parts in the pic), so this will be a sort of living document.

The goal is for fans to use this to make a wish list of part and contact us directly to put the parts into one model (which tends to be cheaper than buying a la carte from the shop). I’ve been loading custom sets for people and working out the kinks in the process.

We’ll try to get this out in the next week or two. It should make the ModiBot shopping experience a bit easier in the short term.

Check it out and I’ll be sharing more next week.

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