Lots of 'mechy' new texture parts.

ModiBot Prototype Photo Gallery

ModiBot Proto-shoot

Had a great time last weekend catching up on product photography (I think I only got about half way through). Its great to sit and play with the parts and look at how the models are translating to the 3d printing process. The sockets seem pretty tight, so everything posed well.

I caught a comparison a pic of the ABS ‘Print@Home’ version of the Mo model called Max because he’s much larger than Mo. We increased his size to test that the joints maintain their strength in the ABS materials that most hobby/home printers use. We’ve also modified the basic Mo body for printing by closing off the holes on the sockets. This new normal-sized Mo is available for download at 3D Burrito.

You can see these items including the new RhinNychus: Reptobeast creature kit, AlphaBlokes ‘W’ body, Mo-series Blanco figure kit, at the Shapeways Botshop.

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