Street Punk

Mix, make or mod to design your own

Use parts from our shop, modify him with craft supplies, or model and print your own 3d printed parts to create your own fun accessories and characters. Your imagination is the limit.



Mix and match from a wide variety of predesigned parts, made to order, at the ModiBot Custom Shop. You can find a wide variety of accessories, props,  and body parts to express your personal interests and creativity.




ModiBot is a great starting point for craft-based making and modification. You can create incredible moving characters using everyday household materials like cloth, washi tape, pipe cleaners, and paper. If you’re already an artist, try to take it up a notch with plastic fabrication, leather work or sculpting compounds.




ModiBot was inspired by the possibilities of 3d design and desktop printing. Its becoming quite common to find access to a 3d printer available at the local school, library or online from print providers like Shapeways or 3D Hubs. With simple 3D tools like Tinkercad you can learn about 3d modeling and export for 3d printing in a relatively short amount of time.


Design from scratch!

Now you can include the ModiBot ball & socket joints into your next scratch-built project. Whether you are a budding stopmotion artist or tinkerer, you can use these joints to bring motion and life to your work.


Up next: Building with ModiBot

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