Myke-compatible adventure accessory frame


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ModiBot Myke is a micro adventurer and smaller than our typical Mo figure. This is a frame of accessories to outfit him in style. 10 accessories in all- Pirate hat, cutlass, hook hand, tri-point hat, wounding arrow, 2 spikes, scuba mask, cerated sword and spartan short sword.

Available in a variety of colors- red, orange, purple, pink, white, black, yellow, and blue.

All parts are 3d printed in Polymide, a form of Nylon. Ages 10+

System upgrade– The new ModiBot 3-series (V3) build system makes him cross-compatible between traditionally manufactured parts and a variety of 3d printed parts, allowing you to build him to your own tastes. Like many construction toys, this means that as some of the parts might wear, each part might be replaced or upgraded over the life of the product.


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