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Meet Mo!

Meet Mo!

Our Mo figure is the centerpiece of our build system and the hero of YOUR story. He's highly poseable and easy to upgrade. (more…)

Accessorize with a 3d printed upgrade kit

How do you want to play today? Modify your Mo figure to become any number of themed action heroes with a 3d printed upgrade.

Design your own: Mix, mod, make

Use parts from our shop, modify him with craft supplies, or model and print your own 3d printed parts to design your own fun accessories and characters. The possibilities are limitless. (more…)
What's happening!

ModiBot Mod Shop revamp at Shapeways


2017 is on the horizon and we’re putting some long-overdue time into the Shapeways Mod Shop.  Its where to buy essential upgrades and accessories for your standard Mo figures, as well as some alternate body styles like a full Moli (female) figure, Myke (minifig), ModiRaptor, or Mo Blanco (no hex holes) figure. If you haven’t […]

Green screen animation technique- Featured artist: Mauricio Lozano

green screen animation technique

Green screen animation technique This clip below from Mauricio Lozano features several higher-level animation techniques. The first is filming against a green screen. This compositing technique allows you to crop out the background and replace the it with a photograph or 3d modeled scene. As you can see from the final composite, this technique is […]

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