ModiBot Mod Shop revamp at Shapeways


2017 is on the horizon and we’re putting some long-overdue time into the Shapeways Mod Shop.  Its where to buy essential upgrades and accessories for your standard Mo figures, as well as some alternate body styles like a full Moli (female) figure, Myke (minifig), ModiRaptor, or Mo Blanco (no hex holes) figure. If you haven’t […]

Green screen animation technique- Featured artist: Mauricio Lozano

green screen animation technique

Green screen animation technique This clip below from Mauricio Lozano features several higher-level animation techniques. The first is filming against a green screen. This compositing technique allows you to crop out the background and replace the it with a photograph or 3d modeled scene. As you can see from the final composite, this technique is […]