ModiBot 101

Design & build your own unique creations

Vibrant green Mo

Ready, Set, Mo!

Our Mo figure is the centerpiece of our build system and the hero of YOUR story. He's highly poseable and easy to upgrade.
Upgrade kits

Upgrade with a 3d printed accessory kit

How do you want to play today? Modify your Mo figure to become any number of themed action heroes or throw away the instructions and build from scratch. (more…)
Street Punk

Mix & match to design your own

All the parts are interchangeable between kits, so the sky is the limit on what you might create.
From The Blog

ModiBot Mod Shop revamp at Shapeways


2017 is on the horizon and we’re putting some long-overdue time into the Shapeways Mod Shop.  Its where to buy essential upgrades and accessories for your standard Mo figures, as well as some alternate body styles like a full Moli (female) figure, Myke (minifig), ModiRaptor, or Mo Blanco (no hex holes) figure. If you haven’t […]

Happy New Year! New colors and 3d printed ‘skins’ on the way!

Fit testing for new ModiBot 3d printable 'skins'. Let you change you figure's style in a snap.

So for New Years, I promised myself that I’d get back into the groove of posting more often. 2014 was pretty great and we basically sold through more than 3/4 of the stock we bought from the successful Kickstarter in late ’13. Thanks again for all those who contributed and purchased ModiBots in the past […]

Making with ModiBot demo @ Cincinnati Maker Faire

Mo party in the park

Come and try your hand at the ModiBot build system during at the inaugural Cinci maker Faire on October 19th. Billed as “The greatest show and tell on earth!”, Maker Faire features a wide variety of inventions, science demonstrations, robots, 3d printing and a ton of amazing things. Kids will have the opportunity to explore […]

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